Welcome to The Ventuckians Website! We are looking to start a new country band!

The Ventuckians have 10-20 country songs ready to record. We are looking for a bass player and drummer, and country style guitarist and/or pedal steel player. Our next steps are to go into the studio to record the drum tracks and bass tracks. This will be done in a Ventura or Santa Barbara studio. We will then go into our home studio to finish the recordings, then we will get help to mix and master the CD. Then, we will get 10 to 20 gigs up and down the west coast and go on a several week tour.. god willing. (If you can't tour, don't worry we still want to hear from you.)

Please take a listen to these "sketches" of a few of the songs as samples of the kind of stuff we'll be recording. We have a lot of brand new country songs ready to record. If you want to contact us, please email us at theventuckians at gmail. We look forward to hearing from you.. let's go make a great country album and get noticed!

Please Note: These are not recorded, mixed, no vocals done, etc. These are only 1 take passes to get the song structure and recording ideas in place, and to give you an idea.. Thanks.

West Coast Based Country Band Song Sketches    
Good For Jimmy    
No Place to Go    
Chances to Change    
Hey China    
Fear and Freedom    

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